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A young company still hungry for challenges, with 30+ years of experience with software development from small embedded systems to distributed real time PC networks and SQL databases. A reasonable design effort to deliver high-quality software e.g. for medical devices on schedule.

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Why Useful Software

Back in 1968, Edsger W. Dijkstra invented the term Structured programming with a set of rules to make software more readable and thus maintainable. Apart from being very helpful to programmers the term was ingenious in the sense that noone would want to admit they did "unstructured programming".

Donald E. Knuth was inspired by this when he invented Literate programming, which is also a means to get the code more readable and maintainable. While not as popular as structured programming it still has its followers, and the term is still uncontradictable.

With the term Useful Software I would like to contribute to the software readability and maintainability by promoting a balance or right-sizing both from the users' view (reasonable amount of functionality, easily accessible for intended users) and developers (reasonable amount of structure for the code delivering functionality etc).

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  • Brief history of software development

When the world was young (in a computer perspective) computers had a few kilobytes of RAM memory (or primary memory which wasn't always RAM). Programmers wrote their software ad-hoc and programs weren't larger than one programmer could keep the entire software in his head. Usually the software worked quite well, at least after a few rounds of bug fixing.

As years passed computer capacity increased exponentially, while programmers' capacity remained about the same.


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  • Medical device software

Software has a reputation for containing errors, called "bugs". This is of course hazardous for software used in healthcare or medical research. Even an innocent wordprocessor implementing auto-correct function could theoretically replace a drug name with a different word, causing the documentation for a drug to be erroneous.

To minimize patient risk there are a number of regulations, standards and guidelines available from various organizations.


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