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A young company still hungry for challenges, with 30+ years of experience with software development from small embedded systems to distributed real time PC networks and SQL databases. A reasonable design effort to deliver high-quality software e.g. for medical devices on schedule.

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Jens Cameron

I have been developing software since 1978, which is several years before the PC appeared. Professionally I started writing an administrative integrated system for invoices, stockkeeping, addresses and sales statistics (used for royalty calculations). I also wrote some smaller programs for designing loudspeaker cabinets and crossovers. Privately I wrote games (of course), solved puzzles (e.g. n-queens) and some math (polynomial division, bignum, ...).

While studying Electrical Engineering at Lund Institute of Technology (LTH) I came across the company Datainnovation i Lund, doing primarily equipment for medical research. The founder invented various instruments and other devices but needed someone to do the electrical designs and software to make it move. So, I was employed...


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  • Computers I've known (programmed)

Commodore Pet 2001

Apple ][, //e

Commodore VIC 20

Luxor ABC 80, ABC 800

HP 3000

HP 2100

IBM PC, XT, AT, ...

HP 150

Data General/One

U-Man series 1000


Tektronix 4051

DEC VAX 751, 8600

Sun (68020-based)

Macintosh (68k-based)

Intel 8085 (homebrew)

Motorola 68HC11

Philips 68070

Microchip PIC16, 17, 18

Hitachi SH1





  • Programming languages I've used

Basic (Applesoft, HP3000, Z8671...)


Visual Basic

Assembly (6502, 68HC11, 8085, Z80, 68000, PIC, SH1, 8086, ...)




Pascal (std, UCSD, Turbo)

Modula 2






SPL (HP3000)

Lex, Yacc

SQL (Jet, SQL Server)



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